Gobsmackage personified

“…a picture paints a thousand words…” Telly Savalas, or was it Adolf Hitler?

Sorry, still needed to say something about this magnificent present.

It has taken so long to respond to the kindness, the brilliance, the fun, and the downright WACKiness of Rebecca’s, and your, “Hello Tony Project”; because I had been trying to think of a suitable picture to reply with, only after several days to realise that any picture would have to have the tagline “gobsmacked” (good old Celtic word to mean stunned, astonished, headlight-frozen, agape, stymied, double-took and floored – bet that got you running to your dictionaries…).

I go back to the pictures and signs so often; I casually mention the blog site at staff meetings, conferences, even the odd passing student, just to have the opportunity to go back in there and show it all to Johan Q. Publicsson and his dog. I look at the screen some days, and I think I remind myself of Amelie’s father in the film “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain”, whose garden gnome has run away to see the world, and this old man stands there in his kitchen holding the umpteenth postacrd from the gnome, and suddenly cries out to the ceiling: “Je ne comprend pas!”

This thing will be hanging around me for a long time: the love and ingenuity of this wonderful woman, my lovely Rebecca; and the happiness and cleverness of friends all over the world. Thank you so much, Rebecca, thank you so much, everyone. Now I’m going back to the pictures…


Hello Tony :-)

[Note - this post was published on the evening of the 15th of April 2012, the day before Tonys birthday.
It has been "stickyfied" to stay at the top]

Happy Birthday!

I love you veryveryvery much!

Hello from some special cats!

I won’t divide these pictures to separate posts, the cats mean to much to T to do that:

Hello Friends!

We love you plenty!

Hello Friends!

I’m told that the water was absolutely freezing :-)

Hello Oscar!

This picture is from my brother Oscar after a “pubcrawl” in Norrköping:

Hello Spain

And the wicked-good climber Åsa:

(T will love this picture since it’ll make him remember another climb that Åsa did, that one was in Budapest)

Hello Lilly

This is my cousins daughter Lilly:

Hello Twix

This is my mothers dog Twix, looking as miserable as only she can when told to lie still ;-)

Hello Leuven!

Here is a series of pictures from some dear friends of ours:

Merlin the cat was reportedly glued to the floor for this one ;-)

Thank you “N” for that wonderful hello!

Hola Tony!

These are two co-workers of T, having Tapas in San Sebastian.

Hello Michael!

Michael saw the Hello Tony-sign and was curious about the project. After a short explanation he offered to participate:

Writings on the wall.

Found in the ladies-room at a restaurant in Spain.

Hello Tapas!

Funny to get this picture from a Tapas-style restaurant since me, T and the photographer actually had Tapas together on friday:

Hello Runners!

This picture is from Malmö in Sweden and the two joggers are friends of mine from a froum.

Hello Sweden (Ales stenar)

Ales stenar (Ale’s stones [LINK]) is a megalithic monument in the very south of Sweden. I’ve visited it a couple of times and have suggested to Tony that we should go there together.

Sri Lankan shells in Leuven

I am ä big fan of seashells and also of the man in the picture ;-)

Hello Budapest!

Tony will definitely recognize this, I just wish we’d had a picture of the man behind the camera (Hello A!).

Hello Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa part 2

Here’s another one from Polonnaruwa [LINK]

Hello fingers!

Lousy headline I know but time is of the essence and wit goes out the window.

Hello Kiruna!

Kiruna is in the far north of Sweden: